September 19, 2014

1978 Cheryl Thomas

NAME Cheryl Thomas
AGE 21
DATE OF ATTACK January 15, 1978
LOCATION OF ATTACK Tallahassee, Florida
DATE BODY WAS FOUND January 15, 1978
BODY AND DEATH As Cheryl Thomas slept in her bed, Ted Bundy crawled through her window with a club which he used to bashed her skull and face with. She never woke up during the attack. When she did wake up, it was days later in a hospital bed. In her own words, “I had five skull fractures and multiple contusions in my head, and cuts to the skull fractures. The eighth nerve was damaged and I lost the hearing of my left ear and equilibrium. I had a broken jaw and my left shoulder was pulled out of joint.” It is speculated that Ted was preparing to anally rape Cheryl while simultaneously strangling her with a nylon stocking. However, still partially disrobed, he heard people clamoring about the apartment, so instead of raping and murdering her, he pleasured himself over her battered body, leaving semen stains on her bloody mattress before he fled into the night. Although she survived, she walked away partially deaf and unbalanced which destroyed her dreams of becoming a dancer.

September 18, 2014

ted Bundy on guilt

“A lot of people are encumbered with a kind of mechanism that is called guilt. To a degree, I have certainly experienced it, but much less so now than ever while I was on the streets. Or even two years ago.

I mean I don’t feel guilty for anything. I feel less guilty now than I’ve felt in any time in my life. About anything. And it’s not that I’ve forgotten anything, or else closed down part of my mind, or compartmentalized. I compartmentalize less now than I ever have. It’s just done. It’s back there in the mists. I say “mists” because I don’t think anyone actually touches the past the way they can touch the present or the future.

Guilt? It’s this mechanism we use to control people. It’s an illusion. It’s a kind of social control mechanism – and it’s very unhealthy. It does terrible things to our bodies. And there are much better ways to control our behavior than that rather extraordinary use of guilt. It doesn’t solve anything, necessarily. It’s just a very gross technique we impose upon ourselves to control the people, groups of people.

I guess I am in the enviable position of not having to deal with guilt. There’s just no reason for it. I don’t think I need to feel guilty anymore, because I try to do what’s right, right now. And that’s it!

Now, some people could listen to what I just said and say, ‘See, he’s a sociopath,’ or whatever term they use. ‘He doesn’t feel any guilt. Oh, how terrible! He doesn’t feel any guilt!’ Ha!

I feel sorry for people who feel guilt. I’m not talking about the act. I’m talking about the emotional consequences of the act. I feel sorry for people who are drug addicts or who are criminals. I feel sorry for business executives who have to lust after money and power. I feel sorry for a lot of people who have to do things that hurt them. But I don’t feel sorry for anyone who doesn’t feel guilty because the guilt doesn’t solve anything, really. It hurts you.”

August 29, 2014


August 28, 2014

Because I’m not a douche bag, I’ll source this precious photo.
It’s a FB page with the URL FANS OF TED BUNDY, but has disclaimers plastered all over the page that condoning his crimes or glorifying him is not allowed. But their URL is FANS OF TED BUNDY. Just stating a contradictory fact.


ted bundy beard looking like a 15 year old laughing smiling beautiful and innocent in his life 2

July 7, 2014

the Daffodil Festival princess

It’s Georgann Hawkins. I’m not linking to the source of the photo because then it will end up on other people’s FB pages. Someone was kind enough to send me the link to the source of this incredibly rare and personal photo provided by her mother Edie Hawkins. Thank you, “G”.

Georgann Hawkins  Daffodil Festival princess

April 12, 2014


April 12, 2014

Santa Rosa Hitchhiker Murders

Ted Bundy was one of many suspects in the Santa Rosa Hitchhiker murders. After his capture for similar crimes in Washington, Colorado, Utah and Idaho, Ted Bundy was suspected in the murders. Bundy had spent time in neighboring Marin County, but was ruled out by a Sonoma County detective in the 1970s and again in 1989. Detailed credit card records and known whereabouts of Bundy reveal he was in Washington on the dates of some of the disappearances. – Wikipedia

Ted Bundy did not kill these women. He was cleared.

satan rosa hitchhikers hitch hiker victims girls teenagers dead ted bundy

Maureen Sterling, 12
Yvonne Weber, 12
Kim Wendy Allen, 19
Lori Lee Kursa, 13
Carolyn Davis, 14
Theresa Walsh, 23

Lisa Smith, 17
Jeannette Kamahele, 20
Rosa Vasquez, 20
Yvonne Quilantang, 15
Angela Thomas, 16
Nancy Patricia Gidley, 24
Nancy Feusi, 22
Laura A. O’Dell, 21
Brenda Kaye Merchant, 19
Donna M. Braun, 14

April 11, 2014

new victim images

New images have surfaced of some of Ted Bundy’s more attractive victims. High school yearbook photos are always the best:

1978 Margaret Bowman

1974 Brenda Ball

1974 Denise Naslund

1974 Roberta Parks

1974 Donna Manson

March 29, 2014

ted bundy Until we have seen someone's darkness, we don't really know who they are. Until we have forgiven someone's darkness, we don't really know what love is.

March 28, 2014

“..I’m more.”

I'm more

“I’ve got to show them that I can stand up in a court of law and run these people ragged. That I’m not a fiend, necessarily. That’s not all there is to me. I’ve got to show them that I’m more. That’s really important to me, that I’m more.”

February 14, 2014

“..Even Ted Bundy’s life.”


February 14, 2014

the women in Teds life: Carole Boone

In 1974, Ted started working at Washington State Department of Emergency Services where he met Carole Ann Boone, a responsible but fun loving divorcee with a teenaged son named Jamey.

carole carol ann anne boon boone ted bundy carol johnson jamey boone ted bundys wife tina rosa sadie daughter baby girl

“I liked Ted immediately. “We hit it off well. He struck me as being a rather shy person with a lot more going on under the surface than what was on the surface. He certainly was more dignified and restrained than the more certifiable types around the office. He would participate in the silliness partway. But remember, he was a Republican.”
carole carol ann anne boon boone ted bundy carol johnson jamey boone ted bundys wife tina rosa sadie daughter baby girl (4)
Although both Ted and Carole were romantically and sexually involved with other people, they were very well aware of their shared attraction. The brakes were put on as a rather intense friendship formed, one full of trust and compassion towards each other (as only cheating spouses can provide), the foundation (or excuse) for what was to come later.

carole carol ann anne boon boone ted bundy carol johnson jamey boone ted bundys wife tina rosa sadie daughter baby girl (3)

In 1977, Ted started using his sociopath wiles to seduce Carol so she could become his #1 groupie while he was behind bars. The more he asked of her, the more she gave. Eventually her blinders went on and Ted could do no wrong. She had foolishly convinced herself that he was innocent of anything and everything he was being accused of. It was a fair exchange. Her “care packages”, unconditional support, and advocacy bought her longer letters, sickly sweet terms of endearment, and a spot at the forefront of Ted’s heart (until someone better came along).

In 1980, Carole had convinced Ted that they should be married (because she realized he never would have asked her on his own). After submitting their proposals, the jail determined that a marriage was not in Ted’s “best interest” and the request was denied. Ted was satisfied with the results. What difference did it make? He had been sentenced to die three times (he didn’t really care about being Carole’s husband anyway). Carole wouldn’t stand for it. She had sacrificed her very being for Ted and he owed her a marriage, something that would legitimize all that she had been through for him (because marriage is a returned favor, not a commitment to another human being because you love and adore them). Not only was Ted resigned to not getting married, the jail wouldn’t allow it, and Ted’s attorney’s wanted no part in it.

carole carol ann anne boon boone ted bundy carol johnson jamey boone ted bundys wife tina rosa sadie daughter baby girl (2)

Despite these obstacles, Carole went ahead with a blood test and saw about getting a marriage license (because she felt like loves fool). Carole was unable to find a minister who would perform the ceremony and Ted’s defense attorney advised the notary public not to provide his services. So with all options exhausted, she came up with the perfect solution. Naturally Ted went along with the idea just to spite everyone who was against it. Some people think Ted agreed to get married in open court as a ploy to gain sympathy by the jury. Although it was Carole’s idea to perform a ceremony of sorts in the court room during the trial, it was author Stephen Michaud who made it possible.

Stephen met with an Orlando attorney who told him what was needed for the “wedding” to take place – witnesses (there would be hundreds of those), a notary public (one was planted in the audience as a spectator), and of course the vows between Ted and Carole (Ted would act as his own attorney and question Carole as a character witness about her feelings towards Ted and he would then express his feelings towards Carole). Those “feelings” were that they loved each other and they wanted to marry each other. Vows exchanged under oath.

Stephen Michaud and Hugh Aynesworth paid for the wedding rings that their agent and editor selected for the bride and groom. That’s how Ted Bundy and Carole Boone came to be legally married on February 9, 1980. Such was Carole’s devotion and love for Ted she never even took his last name. After they married, Carole felt Ted was now good enough to relocate for. Her and her son moved to Gainesville so she would be closer to Ted. She and Jamey visited Ted once a week.

Theirs was a most romantic relationship. Between having sex in the bathroom of the visiting room to Carole smuggling marijuana in her vagina for Ted, things couldn’t get any better. That is until Carole became pregnant with Ted’s child. When questioned by the press on how the conception happened, Carole told them it was no one’s business. There were people who doubted the child was really Ted’s but at the end of the day Ted believed the baby was his and he was it’s father, biologically or not.

I reckon Ted would have believed it was his baby if Carole had told him so and even if he had doubts, he would have cast them from his mind. Considering his own “illegitimacy”, Ted would never in a million years wish that stigma on another person, least of all a child being claimed as his own. He would rather be father to a child even if it wasn’t really his just to prevent someone else from feeling as betrayed and abandoned as he had felt.

In 1986, when Ted was on death watch, his contact visits were halted. This put a great strain on the baby. She would have tantrums and throw herself on the ground. Neither parent could reassure the child so it was decided that Carole would not bring the baby to see Ted anymore. She would ask, “When’s Daddy coming home?”, home being the visiting lounge of the prison. When Ted was granted a stay, the baby’s routine resumed and she was back to her normal self.

The next time Ted was to be executed, Carole was nowhere to be found. She had packed up her children and moved as far away from Ted Bundy as she could. Apparently she went to visit a sick relative. She never went to see Ted again, not even in 1989 when Ted’s lawyer called to tell her that he was going to die.

On January 19, 1989 Carol’s son Jamey visited Ted in prison wherein Ted admitted to Jamey that he was guilty.

On January 23, 1989, the day before Ted Bundy was executed, Carole Boone was not there with Ted for a final visit. She didn’t even reach out by telephone.