April 8, 2015

Lloyd Marshall

william lloyd marshall ted bundy father biological paternity son louise bundy

Eleanor Louise Cowell was 22 when she gave birth to Ted. She was not married. She relayed a story to her relatives that she had been seduced by a war veteran named Jack Worthington, and that he was the father to her unborn child. There is no evidence to support this. It is just a story. I have read two different stories about what his original birth certificate said under FATHER. One is that it simply stated UNKNOWN. Another is that it stated a man by the name of Lloyd Marshall (a Penn State Grad, Air Force Veteran, born in 1916) was the father. After researching this subject, it has become clear to me that either Louise didn’t know herself or she knew and was covering for someone. She had premarital sex and got herself pregnant. Back in those days that was a very unfavorable thing to do. She would have spun any story to her family to keep herself respectable. Some speculate that Ted was conceived out of a violent incestuous rape. No one knows for sure. No one will ever know the truth because Louise Bundy took it with her to her grave. After Louise married Johnnie Bundy, Ted was given his last name and a new birth certificate was procured for him which listed Johnnie Bundy as his father, so I am guessing by the evidence I have found.

Now on to the issue at hand. At some point someone decided to do a Google image search for Lloyd Marshall, hoping to find a photograph of the man claimed to be Ted Bundy’s biological father. What they found was an image marked WILLIAM LLOYD MARSHALL. When I initially saw this photo, it had been cropped to remove the WILLIAM. I did a search for WILLIAM LLOYD MARSHALL and in about five minutes I was able to locate the source of the original photo. This man would have been 43 years old at the time of Ted Bundy’s birth. According to stories about the phantom Lloyd Marshall, he would have been 30 years old when he got Louise pregnant. That’s a 13 year age difference. So not only is the name wrong, so is the age.

However, let me entertain the idea that this is in fact the same Lloyd Marshall Louise claimed got her pregnant. According to his great-niece, William was referred to as “Lloyd George” by his mother. A lot of children are addressed by their middle name growing up and as adults these children continue to use the same name. She also goes on to say that; “He was married twice, which his family didn’t take kindly to and there’s something about a child in his history that another family member raised. I believe he didn’t hold a job too long and borrowed money on a regular basis before he moved away. Needless to say he was a black sheep.” Now if that doesn’t scream TED BUNDY, I don’t know what does.

The Only Living Witness, Aynesworth/Michaud
The Stranger Beside Me, Ann Rule

February 7, 2015

“I had asked Ted to do me one favor, as his lawyer, and to not discuss the Florida crimes, just in case we got a stay of execution at the very last minute. On the tape, Dobson asks him about the murder of Kimberly Leach. Ted hesitates and glances around, deciding what to do. I love that moment. I love to see Ted struggling with my instructions, deciding whether to restrain himself or do as he pleases, assert control. He finally chokes out that he can’t talk about it, though he’d like to.

That few seconds of film is Ted’s gift to me. The Reverend Dobson interprets his hesitation as overwhelming remorse.

That was my gift to Ted.”

Nelson, Polly. Defending the Devil: My Story as Ted Bundy’s Last Lawyer. 1st ed. New York: W. Morrow, 1994. Print.

January 31, 2015

“Ted was a very sensitive person.”

“It was important to be popular. We’d be standing in the hallway and someone would come up to me and say, ‘Hey, we’re going to have a party Friday. Can you come over?’ Ted would be standing there and he wouldn’t be asked. It wasn’t that he was singled out for ridicule, but you have to remember that Ted was a very sensitive person – very sensitive.”

Terry Storwick, school friend

January 28, 2015

January 23, 2015

“..so much of what I wanted.”

“I was waiting for the bus in the Omni, watching a convention on the main floor there. There were all these people going to a Hawks game. And I was watching these people – these people who had real lives, backgrounds, histories, girl friends, husbands and families. Who were smiling and laughing and talking with each other. Who seemed to have so much of what I wanted! All of a sudden, I felt smaller and smaller and smaller. More insecure. And more alone! Bit by bit by bit, I felt something drain out of me.”

January 21, 2015

“It was just so good not to be looked at differently.”

Ted began crying during his description of those first days when he had returned to the world outside a prison.

“There’s something I’ve noticed since I’ve been talking to you here this morning,” Bodiford gently inserted. “When you start thinking about certain things, certain places, you start crying. What is it that disturbs you so much when you start talking about watching people play racquetball?”

“It wasn’t racquetball or anything in particular about racquetball, I don’t know…well…hold the phone….It may be tearful, but not sobbing or crying or anything. It was just so good to be around people, just so good to be a part of people, not to be looked at differently.”

January 21, 2015

ted Bundy on women

“I admit to being dependent on women, for whatever that means. I don’t know that there’s a man in the courtroom who isn’t, and if he isn’t, maybe there’s something wrong with him.”

January 9, 2015

1975 Nancy Baird [suspected victim]

NAME Nancy Perry Baird
AGE 23
DATE BODY WAS FOUND Body has never been recovered
BODY AND DEATH Nancy Baird was working the Fina gas station on the afternoon of July 4, 1975. A patrol officer saw her at 5:15 PM, but when her manager arrived to take over the next shift, she was gone. Her car was undisturbed in the parking lot and her personal belongings were in the gas station where she had left them. The search for Nancy was in vain as no clues to her whereabouts were given. Two months after her disappearance, people claimed to have seen Nancy in a grocery store, but the tip led nowhere. Her body has never been found. When questioned, Ted Bundy denied having any involvement in Nancy’s disappearance.

October 5, 2014

Facebook group



I made a group which encourages mature, intelligent Ted Bundy discussion.

I’ll be cross posting.

October 3, 2014

8 questions


People wonder about the type of women interested in Ted Bundy and men like him. I often wonder myself, and I am one of them. Here are eight questions, contrived to elicit in depth honest answers from women who want to share this part of themselves. I’m not addressing the women who treat Ted like a science project. You people make me sick. For all other women, I look forward to your answers. Please be as detailed and honest as possible. It’s anonymous and no one will see it except me.


October 3, 2014

ted Bundy t-shirt

Years ago I was looking for a Ted Bundy shirt. I would have paid top dollar for a decent one. I soon discovered that there were no decent ted Bundy shirts for sale, anywhere, at least not where I was looking. So I took matters into my own hands and made my own. It may not be dramatical and colorful and outrageously artistic. But it is mine. Inspired by Gregg Araki and my love for all things minimal and to the point – this is my one of a kind ted Bundy shirt. First time showing it in public besides wearing it.

If you see this shirt on anyone other than a white middle aged fat woman, it is a copycat and the person wearing it is an imbecile who has no imagination or initiative.



October 3, 2014

Bite-mark evidence method called into question in courtrooms

By Erik Eckholm THE NEW YORK TIMES  •  Tuesday September 16, 2014




In one of the country’s first nationally televised criminal trials, of serial murderer Ted Bundy in Florida in 1979, jurors and viewers were transfixed as dental experts showed how Bundy’s crooked teeth resembled a bite on a 20-year-old victim.

Bundy was found guilty, and the field of “forensic dentistry” won a place in the public imagination.

Since then, expert testimony matching body wounds with the bite marks of the accused has played a role in hundreds of murder and rape cases, sometimes helping put defendants on Death Row.

But over this same period, mounting evidence has shown that matching body wounds to a suspect’s dentition is unreliable and prone to bias.

A disputed bite-mark identification is at the center of an appeal that was to be filed yesterday with the Mississippi Supreme Court. Eddie Lee Howard Jr., 61, has been on Death Row for two decades for the murder and rape of an 84-year-old woman, convicted largely because of what many experts call a far-fetched match of his teeth to purported bite wounds, discerned only after the woman’s body had been exhumed.

The identification was made by Dr. Michael West, a Mississippi dentist who was sought out by prosecutors across the country in the 1980s and 1990s but whose freewheeling methods “put a huge black eye on bite-mark evidence,” Dr. Richard Souviron, a Florida-based dental expert who helped identify Bundy in 1979, said in an interview last week.

Still, without glaring new proof of innocence, courts have been reluctant to reopen cases based on even the most dubious of dental claims, leaving scores more defendants with questionable convictions to languish in prison or on Death Row, said Chris Fabricant, the Innocence Project’s director of strategic litigation.

West retired as an expert witness several years ago to a dental practice after, according to his resume, investigating more than 5,200 deaths and more than 300 bite marks over 29 years.

In a deposition in 2012, West indicated a striking shift in thinking, saying he no longer believed that bite marks were as unique as fingerprints, that bite-mark analysis was open to error and that, with the availability of DNA testing, it should not be used in court.

The lack of a scientific basis for bite-mark identification was stressed by the National Academy of Sciences in a 2009 report. The academy said such analysis could not reliably identify one individual, among all others, as the source of a bite.