ted bundy – the real ted

The press stories about Ted have stressed his normalcy, his intellect, his attractiveness, his Republicanism. For the most part, these stories ignored or failed to report that Bundy was a compulsive nail biter and nose picker, that he was only middling bright (I.Q. 124), that he was at best a fair student in college and a failure in law school, that he was essentially untraveled and poorly read, that he stuttered when nervous and had acquired only a surface sophistication. Against a backdrop of mass insane homicide, Ted instead emerged as a variety of criminal genuis, a nearly fictive character who wasn’t stereotypically a loner or a loser – because he didn’t look like one – and so must be something else: the incarnation of Evil.

SOURCE: The Only Living Witness by Stephen G. Michaud & Hugh Aynesworth