ted bundy – on killing

“I do have strong feelings, humane feelings, about society’s alleged right to take another human being’s life. There’s probably no other behavior that society condemns more vigorously than killing.. society condones a lot of killing, in a massive scale in war, in abortion, and things like that. Even the slaughter of animals for its own food, but I guess I’m saying that if a given society or community has a reverence for life, it cannot be selective in how it applies that reverence. It cannot have reverence for the two-year-old, but kill the fetus. It cannot have reverence for the victim’s life and kill the murderer. It’s inconsistent. So if the life of the victim is worthwhile, then the life of the killer is sacred as well. If society chooses not to observe this type of consistency; it chooses to kill the fetus and preserve the infant and kill the murderer in retribution for the victim, then it must accept the consequences for the violence that it self-generates.”