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November 30, 2012

Bundy: A Legacy of Evil (2009)

Oh Corky, Corky, Corky. You and I used to be so tight. You knew your first name, you could never lose. You had it all. When I learned you were playing Ted Bundy, I thought if anyone could pull it off you could.

And then I saw the movie.

Now, it was poorly written. It did leave out a lot of Ted’s story. The women were busted. The quality was cheap. You were the only thing that kept me watching. But something was missing from your performance. There was no magic. Then I found out why.


Q: Ted Bundy, did you research him a lot?
A: I did a bit, I did enough for me, as much research as I felt was necessary for it. Watching him in the video footage that they have of him was the best because I noticed these little moments when he would break character. You would just see something happen in his eyes. It’d be like these tiny moments when he would just go into a thought. Because normally he had this persona that he kept out there for everybody, and I’d see these little tiny moments and I’d pause it right there and it was just, a totally different person, totally different Ted Bundy. I never saw him as being insane at all. I never saw him as being crazy. I always saw him as being very calculating, very sane about what he was doing, and very sadistic. That was what was most disturbing to me..Four or five days into it I was like, ‘I don’t even want to play this guy anymore’. It just gave me the willies, you know. He’s just a disgusting, disgusting man.

This movie is awful. Not even fans of Corky Nemec could possibly get anything out of this trash.

November 30, 2012

Long hair, parted in the middle?

In every documentary or written work on Ted Bundy people compare Bundy victims, remarking on how they all had “long” hair that was “parted in the middle” just like ‘Stephanie Brooks’. Not true. Even so, it was the seventies. The style preferred among young white females was long hair, parted in the center.

Here’s a yearbook page featuring Bundy victim Georgeann Hawkins and her fellow cheerleaders, most of which have long hair that is parted in the center.

georgann hawkins 3

Even Bundy himself scoffed at the idea that all his victims looked alike and were chosen based on that ridiculous assumption. More often than not, he claimed, victims were chosen out of convenience. That is something I do believe because not all of his victims were attractive. At least, not by his standards.

November 30, 2012

1974 Georgann Hawkins

NAME Georgann Hawkins
AGE 18
LOCATION OF DISAPPEARANCE Seattle, Washington – University of Washington
DATE BODY WAS FOUND Body never recovered
BODY AND DEATH The eighteen year old cheerleader was knocked unconscious with a crowbar and thrown into the car. She regained consciousness some time later and had to be knocked unconscious with the crowbar a second time. Ted strangled her wiry little neck until she stopped breathing and removed her delicate head from her nubile teenage body with a hacksaw. He dumped her headless corpse at the Issaquah grave site but her body has never been recovered. Bundy claims a bone was discovered with other remains on September 6 1974. Like his other victims, Ted visited the pretty rotting headless corpse of Georgeann Hawkins and had sexual relations with it until it was so used and deteriorated it became useless. On to the next.

November 30, 2012

1974 Lynda Ann Healy

NAME Lynda Ann Healy
AGE 21
DATE BODY WAS FOUND 1975 – lower mandible recovered at Taylor Mountain dump site
BODY AND DEATH While asleep in her room, Ted smashed her skull in with his crowbar. Bundy proceeded to remove her nightgown which was now stained with blood and hang it in the closet. This also gave him ample time to admire what would soon be his, flawless creamy skin and tight flesh over a slender frame encasing firm bone and tender muscle. He dressed her in an outfit he found more sexually arousing, wrapped her in the bed’s flat sheet, put the bloody pillowcase over her head, and carried her out the window. But not before making the bed as to avoid any detection to her disappearance. Nobody realized she was missing until later the following evening. However, by that time, the once vibrant and living Lynda Ann was nothing more than a decomposing dead ringer of her former self. Her pretty little head was most likely severed from her torso and her tightly kept body had most likely been sexually violated many many times.

November 30, 2012

Fatal Addiction (1989)

I avoided doing this for far too long. The problem is this interview is too embarrassing for me to watch. This is awful. It’s nothing more than visual proof that Bundy was a sociopath. Anyone who falls for his lies is a straight up clown. There are a couple of times where Ted reveals himself, his true self, but one has to look real hard or you just might miss it.

Makes for a night of great screencapping though. I capped this to Jersey Shore Italy. At 189, I feel I got a bit carried away. Who wouldn’t when looking into these eyes.

November 28, 2012

random screencaps

November 14, 2012

1974 Janice Ott

NAME Janice Ott
AGE 23
LOCATION OF DISAPPEARANCE Lake Sammamish State Park, King County, Washington
DATE BODY WAS FOUND Skeletal remains found September 6, 1974 at the Issaquah dump site
BODY AND DEATH Although many foolish females were approached by Ted that day in the park, only two were stupid enough to fall for his bullshit. And in doing so, they lost their lives to the charming and charismatic Ted Bundy. It is speculated that they were abducted together and one watched the other die, but only Ted knows for sure and that has never been confirmed one way or another.

Janice Ott looked younger than she was which probably turned Ted on to new extremes. She willingly left the park with him no doubt attracted to him and turned on that he was even remotely interested in her. She had to have known what he was really after. Either that or she was a total and complete dumb ass. He most likely proceeded to bash her brains in with his tool of choice and take her someplace where he could have his way with her.

November 9, 2012

1974 Denise Naslund

NAME Denise Naslund
AGE 19
LOCATION OF DISAPPEARANCE Lake Sammamish State Park, King County, Washington
DATE BODY WAS FOUND Skull found on September 6, 1974 at the Issaquah dump site. Her remains were ultimately lost and her poor broken hearted mother was unable to properly bury her daughter. What was buried in her casket was a dress and some other items belonging to Denise.
BODY AND DEATH Although many foolish females were approached by Ted that day in the park, only two were stupid enough to fall for his bullshit. And in doing so, they lost their lives to the charming and charismatic Ted Bundy. It is speculated that they were abducted together and one watched the other die, but only Ted knows for sure and that has never been confirmed one way or another.

Like her death mate Janice Ott, Denise willingly left the park with Ted.

November 9, 2012

1974 Brenda Ball

NAME Brenda Ball
AGE 22
LOCATION OF DISAPPEARANCE Flame Tavern, Burien Washington
DATE BODY WAS FOUND 1975; Skull recovered at Taylor Mountain dump site
BODY AND DEATH In the wee hours of the morning, Brenda fell prey to Ted Bundy, who lured her into his death trap with one of his bullshit stories. A witness says he saw her in the tavern’s car park speaking to a man who had his arm in a sling. One can only speculate that he bashed her skull in with his crowbar at some point during their conversation, then proceeded to take her someplace private where he violated her still warm body. Who knows, maybe he sweet talked his way into her pants prior to knocking her out. After all, Ted did like to taste the best of both worlds.

November 9, 2012

1969 Elizabeth Perry [suspected victim]

NAME Elizabeth Perry
AGE 19
BODY AND DEATH Partially naked, stabbed in the chest – penetrated right lung, stab wounds on neck and abdomen, buried under leaves in woods. The body was partially decomposed. It was impossible to determine whether or not Elizabeth Perry had been raped.

Bundy and the Parkway Murders

The SandPaper (of Ocean City, N.J.)
February, 1989

Psychologist Says He Is the One
Ted Bundy’s Last Words
On the Jersey Shore

“I’m convinced that he did it. And I believe that it was the first two murders he got into. He had no reason to lie.” –


Shortly before serial-killer Ted Bundy was executed last month he was asked if he had murdered anyone in the state of New Jersey. He said no.

After Bundy died however, Dr. Arthur Norman, a forensic psychologist who had interviewed him on numerous occasions, was freed of the bond of confidentiality with his former patient. And Norman now says otherwise.

On October 31, 1986 on Death Row of the Florida State Penitentiary, Bundy talked with Norman about his trip to the East Coast in 1989 when he lived with his aunt in Philadelphia and attended Temple University.

Bundy, “…trying to get this thing from the East Coast to the West Coast. Sort of a symbolic transition. So he spent that whole winter going to New York and doing that thing on 42nd Street. You know, talk about getting pushed to the edge with the most sophisticated, explicit pornography available in this country. And everything else is going on.”

“So he decided to take a little bit of a jaunt to what they call the shore – the Jersey Shore. This is early summer (1969). So after being more or less detached from people for a long period, the preceding period of which he didn’t have any friends, didn’t go anyplace, just had school and entertained himself with this pornographic hobby, he drove to the shore and walked on the beach.”

“…He sees young women lying on the beach. It was like a kind of over-whelming kind of vision, which you know – Evidently he found himself tearing around the place for a couple of days. Eventually, without really planning anything, he picked up a couple of young girls, and it ended up it was the first time he had ever done it. So when he left for the coast, it was not just getting away, it was more like an escape.”

Ted Bundy said those things to Norman during one of a dozen interviews that stretched over some 50 hours. Norman was trying to get a psychological portrait of Bundy to determine whether he was competent to stand trial for the murder of two young women in Florida.

“This has to be put into proper context,” Norman said in a recent telephone interview from his Portland, Oregon office. “I don’t believe he was lying because he never lied to me again. This was a totally different kind of interview, not like one he had ever done before. He was talking about himself in the third person, then in the first person, and he was on a roll, so I just let him talk.”

When Norman fist heard Bundy discuss these things, he did not know that on Memorial Day weekend in 1969 Susan Davis and Elizabeth Perry, both 19-year old college students, were found dead in the woods along the Garden State Parkway, not far from the Ocean City beach and boardwalk.

“I’m convinced he did it,” Norman said. “And I believe that it was the first two murders that he got into. He had no reason to lie to me, and if he was lying, he had been saving this information for 20 years just to con somebody. Or is this just an amazing coincidence, that he just happened to be there on Memorial Day before he went back to the West Coast, and two girls disappeared in that area at the time? That is an amazing coincidence then, and I don’t think he had a little book of crimes that he knew about that he could use to throw his psychologist off. Everything else he told me has been borne out, so why should he lie just about that? I believe him.”

Law enforcement officials are less certain. The prosecutor in Atlantic County called Norman’s repot inconclusive. And it was not viewed as substantial enough to include the New Jersey case at an FBI conference this week in Virginia, where the law officers from around the country are re-examining a number of unsolved crimes in light of Bundy’s last-minute confessions.

Lt. Barry Robenson, a spokesman for the New Jersey State Police said, “The FBI is aware of our Perry-Davis double homicide, however, we were not invited or notified about the Bundy conference, and do not have anyone there.” He said that the meeting was limited to law enforcement officials who had strong evidence linking Bundy to certain crimes.

This case has long been lacking strong evidence. Police were frustrated from the start. Although the state police had Susan Davis’ 1965 blue Chevrolet convertible towed off the parkway hours after the murders, they didn’t locate the bodies until three days later, enough time to stifle any quick solution to the killings.

At the time of the original investigation, Raymond Perry, the father of one of the victims, defended the police work in a open letter saying, “I comprehend their quality quite more clearly than do other residents who presume to criticize them. This is not to suggest that every last man on the force is a Sherlock Holmes, but it was apparent to me, and I’m sure I can speak for Mr. Davis, that they are dedicated and competent people trying to do a job against great odds.”

More recently, Mr. Perry was interviewed by Dick Larson, a reporter for the Seatle Times. Larson, who wrote a book about Bundy called The Deliberate Stranger, which was made into a TV movie, said that now, after 20 years, the father can talk about his daughter’s death. “Mr. Perry, who is now retired and living near Seattle, insists that there was excellent law enforcement work and the officers involved did their very best,” said Larson.

“As far as Bundy is concerned, they were interested, but cautious, not knowing quite what to make of it,” he said. “You realized the oddity we have here. These folks, the Perrys, whose daughter has just been murdered in New Jersey, come out here to live in the Seattle area and settle down. Then they hear in the news here that we start having girls disappear, the victims all being young girls who all look quite a bit alike. There was absolutely no reason for them to think Bundy was in any way at all linked to the death of their daughter.”

They also told Larson that they did not believe Bundy’s life should have been spared if he cooperated with authorities by confessing to other, unsolved crimes.

Atlantic County Prosecutor Jeffrey Blitz, who is currently responsible for the investigation of the case, said, “I spoke to Dr. Norman. He relayed information that he had interviewed Bundy years ago and that he had come to the conclusion that Bundy was responsible for the co-ed murders.”

“I asked him if Bundy said he did it, and Norman said no. But based on what Bundy said, Norman said he could draw the conclusion that Bundy was responsible. That’s not satisfying,” Blitz said. “There are no details. And in Bundy’s confession a couple of days before he was killed he said nothing about New Jersey.”

“It’s a piece of evidence, a piece of that will be looked at as any other new piece of evidence will be. But you have to talk it for what it’s worth.”

On the status of the investigation of the co-ed murders today, nearly 20 years after the fact, Blitz said, “It’s an unsolved case.”

November 8, 2012

Ted Bundy collage, “Smile”

dont try and tell me there was nothing behind his eyes

November 3, 2012

The Deliberate Stranger [1986]

Having an extreme fancy for made for television movies I thought maybe I would like this. I should have liked this. It was based the book of the same name. It told the story from four different angles and showed both sides of Ted Bundy. This is what I would call the ‘responsible’ Bundy movie. But I didn’t really like it. I was so bored. Maybe it’s because I have delusions of Ted, but I just found the whole thing boring and uninteresting. It’s a catch 22 for me. I want to see the murders on screen but nobody knows for sure how they were carried out and what was said, if anything. As much as I want to see the murders and the necrophilia in great detail, I also don’t want anyone to speculate or embellish. This is worth a watch once and maybe as background material for the future. But nothing to get excited over. On to the next.

nice hands.