“…killing machine”

They say this like it’s a bad thing.

“By all evidence, what he really felt for women was a vast and bottomless rage. Ted in his mask attracted them, even enchanted them. The real Ted stalked them and abducted them, raped them, tortured them, beat them, strangled them – even tore their flesh with his teeth, like a wild beast. He desecrated their bodies, often dismembered them, sometimes discarded them for other animals – four legged ones – to finish off. His last victim – a 12-year-old child – he left to rot in a garbage-strewn hog shed. Charming Ted.

A federal lawman, an expert on serial killers, came to know Bundy well and said this of him: “When you look at it, Ted Bundy is a terrible killer, perhaps the most despicable killing machine that modern America has ever known.” To the very end, Bundy seemed to view his crimes with a sort of detached fascination, as though marveling at his own evil guile and at the magnitude of pain he was able to inflict. There is no convincing sign that he ever felt remorse. The only death he ever wept for was his own.

The contrasting faces of Ted Bundy

two faces

two faces2