1974 Debra Kent

NAME Debra Kent
AGE 17
LOCATION OF DISAPPEARANCE Bountiful, Utah – Viewmont High School parking lot, 10:30 PM, while a school play was in session with many parents and students in attendance.
BODY AND DEATH Debbie Kent offered to pick up her brother so her parents could finish watching the play. Bundy was seen inside the school auditorium skulking around looking for more fresh young bodies to abduct. Debra Kent was the lucky lady that night when others he approached refused to help him with whatever bullshit story he made up. Like most dumb bitches who get themselves killed, she walked outside into the night by herself, wherein Ted most likely bashed her perfectly round head in with his trusty crowbar and threw her limp body into his car. He made another appearance inside the school but when suspicious parents eyed him out he made a final break for it. Still passed out, helpless, and possibly bound to the car in some way, Debra Kent was taken into the night by a frantic Bundy. Neighbors swore they heard the screams of a young helpless female that night, around the same time Debra ventured alone to the parking lot. Also, as Bundy sped from the parking lot with the ripe victim by his side, parents late for the play claim they spotted Bundy’s VW speed out of the lot just as they were pulling in. What I find most chilling is that a key found in the parking lot, where Debra last was, belonged to the set of handcuffs found on the wrists of Carol Daronch who Ted Bundy attempted to take earlier that same day.