1975 Lynette Culver

NAME Lynette Culver
AGE 12
DATE BODY WAS FOUND Body never found
BODY AND DEATH Ted Bundy had himself a room at the Holiday Inn all set up for his victim, whom he lured into his vehicle with charm and guile. That victim was 12 year old Lynette Culver, who was on lunch break from school, Alameda Junior High School. They exchanged words, wherein Bundy learned of certain details only she could have provided to him, according to authorities. This is what Bundy had to say:

She made a comment that sounded like she had other friends or relatives in Seattle…Made a comment indicating that she either lived with her grandmother or that her grandmother lived with her family. Another comment indicating that perhaps they were thinking of moving to another house. Indications that she had had some trouble with truancies at school…and…finally that I encountered her at a time when she was leaving the school grounds to meet someone at lunch time.

He took her back to the Holiday Inn. It is unknown if she went willingly to the hotel or if he knocked her out prior to bringing her there. He drowned her in the bath tub and had sex with her dead body. Again, it is unknown if she was taking a bath at will or if she had been knocked out and drowned unconscious but we can take an educated guess that he knocked her out prior to the drowning as he had with other victims.

He then proceeded to carry her body to his car [which was no risk seeing as his room was in the rear by the back door, supposedly] and eventually dumped it into the Snake River. When questioned why he did what he did he calmly made eye contact and said, “It was the madness.”