1975 Melanie Suzanne Cooley [suspected victim]

NAME Melanie Suzanne Cooley
AGE 18
DATE BODY WAS FOUND May 3, 1975; in Coal Creek Canyon
BODY AND DEATH “She had been bludgeoned perhaps with a stone. Her hands were tied in front with a yellow nylon cord, many, many feet of it, wrapped around and around. She died from a blow to the head and strangulation. Her face had been beaten repeatedly by a rock. One contact lens was missing. The body was in pretty bad shape. What with freezing and thawing, and the wild things — two weeks lying there.”

So here is another victim carelessly attributed to Ted Bundy. He has never been tied to this case, not officially. He never confessed and no evidence connected him to this particular crime. From Nina Cooley, mother to Melanie, here is what I consider to be the final say about this case and Ted’s connection to it;

Ted Bundy, the notorious serial killer, was to be executed in Florida. At least two books and countless brief accounts of Bundy’s biographical information and his trail of terror have been published. As Bundy had been a suspect in my daughter’s murder, it was known that he was in the vicinity when she disappeared, a reporter from the local newspaper came up to my house for an interview. A reporter with a Seattle newspaper called, “People Magazine” too, wanting to do a story. I declined, seeing no need of that kind of publicity. Because Bundy was a suspect in numerous crimes in many places, a large group of journalists, detectives, and other law enforcement personnel traveled to Florida and waited in line to interview him before his execution. By the time the Boulder representative, number thirteen, gained access, Bundy was ready to admit anything and everything, and did so with abandon. They learned nothing of value.

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