1974 Carol Daronch

NAME Carol Daronch
AGE 18
DATE OF ATTACK November 8, 1974
LOCATION OF ATTACK Fashion Place Mall; Murray, Utah
CIRCUMSTANCES OF ATTACK Ted Bundy approached Carol in the mall parking lot. The dialogue went something like this

Ted: Good morning miss, my name is Officer Roseland. Would you please tell me your license plate number. A burglary was just just reported and I have a sneaking suspicion it was your automobile..
Carol: Sure, it’s DUMBFEMALE1974
Ted: Thanks a lot, would you mind accompanying me to the police sub-station conveniently located here in the mall?
Carol: Sure. I didn’t know police had sub-stations located in the malls.
Ted: They don’t. You’re just stupid enough to believe every word I tell you.
Carol: Oh, ok.
Ted: Nice tits.
Carol: Thank you..Can I see some identification?
Ted: Sure, here’s my library card.
Carol: Thanks.
Ted: Oh..I just remembered, I left the key to the sub-station in my Volkswagen. Would you mind coming with me while I go get it?
Carol: Sure.
Ted: Good, it’ll make kidnapping you much easier.
Carol: Whatever helps. You’re really creepy, smell like alcohol, and somehow I don’t think you’re really a police officer with those second hand patent leather shoes and greasy hair, but I’ll go with you anyway.
Ted: That’s what I like to hear..Ahh, perhaps I should just take you to the real police station so you can fill out a report.
Carol: But I didn’t see anyone break into my car. I was shopping.
Ted: Doesn’t matter, it’s your vehicle.
Carol: Oh. I guess that’s true.

[They get into his car and he asks her to put her seat belt on]

Carol: Seat belt? But I don’t really trust you. I’m not strapping myself into your car, putting myself in danger, putting myself in a terribly vulnerable position.
Ted: Yea, that makes sense.

[Ted drives away, but pulls off the road in a matter of minutes and brandishes a pair of handcuffs]

Carol: What..What do you think you’re doing??
Ted: I’m handcuffing you to my car, you stupid gullible female!
Carol: But then I won’t be able to fill out the burglary report!
Ted: God, you’re so stupid! Just go! Just go so I can find a victim who has some brains in her head! Get the fuck out of my car!

Ted sped away, Carol flagged down strangers for help, and the rest is history.