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April 19, 2013

“Mortal blow to my heart”

I’ve been saving this particular quote for a while, waiting for the right time. This is the right time, for me anyway.

baby bundy

“Somehow I had always imagined Ted having a lot of people in his life, a lot of people who would come to say good-bye to him. Maybe it was all the publicity that made me think that, that gave him an aura of importance. Maybe he was, publicly; but personally he was important to almost no one.”

Nelson, Polly. Defending the Devil: My Story as Ted Bundy’s Last Lawyer. 1st ed. New York: W. Morrow, 1994. Print.

April 6, 2013

Ted Bundy’s yearbook

Some yahoo tried to sell Ted Bundy’s yearbook on eBay for thousands of dollars. I don’t know if anyone was stupid enough to buy it. I can’t find the listing anymore. What makes it even better is that the seller actually scanned all the Ted photos and didn’t bother to tag them. Which means people like me can use the images without the stupid seller name all over them. And who needs to buy the actual book when the seller provided high res scans of each photo free of charge! So, here ya go.