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December 30, 2013

Multi-Genre Paper (Diary)

Anita Pandey writes; We had to write a multi-genre paper that was fictional AND factual and showed different opinions on one topic in different forms like letters, phone calls, etc. I was interested in the Ted Bundy case so I decided to do it on him and try and show a different side to him. A more humanized side that people rarely show in the media.

Original file: Multi-Genre Paper (Diary)

Dear Diary,

This will be my last and final entry. The date for my inevitable execution has been scheduled for tomorrow at 7 am. I will not lie to you. I don’t want to die. I admit that. However, neither am I frightened by the thought of being executed. Through the love of god I have been able to find what I had desperately sought after for so many long years of emotional torture. My psychopathology was always like a monster. The more I ran from it, the closer it seemed to come to consuming me. Finally, I ran to god for help and realized that I don’t need to run anymore. I learned through god’s love that I could love and am loveable. The good lord is my final destination. I converted to Hinduism during my years of incarceration. I came to realize that it is only within the sacred pages of the holy Gita, where someone like me can find some peace. I’ve matured during the past year. Believe me. I’ve grown in the past year, and I’ve learned a lot of things about myself in the past year. My only misgiving is that I will never be in position to apply the principles of the Gita on the streets, where I’d like to apply it. On the plus side, I find that the pressures put on me in jail have actually permitted me to enter into a period of growth. Prison has helped me because it forces me to live in the here and now. I used to live each day at a time just to protect myself. Now I live each day and each moment to try to expand myself. I began considering more esoteric things that I never would have considered before. I engaged in yoga and heavy meditation for 12-14 hour periods per day. It gave me time to reflect on my rage. Holding on to anger is like grasping a hot coal with the intent of throwing it at someone else; you are the one who gets burned. I reaped rewarding benefits from my dedicated meditation. It calmed me to the extent that I no longer needed to be tranquilized or be sedated with Valium in order to control a violent urge. Many people had told me that I would never succeed in relieving myself of homicidal compulsions and thus I would never be free from taking sedatives either. My response to that was “Man is made by his belief. As he believes, so he becomes.” I have proved that statement of mine. Through god’s help, I have diligently and successfully dealt with those terrible feelings I had and have not touched a sedative in 4 years. This to me is success. To me, this success feels greater than the success I felt upon receiving a 4.0 GPA or the pride I felt upon being elected “Executive Assistant to the Governor” of Washington, Daniel J. Evans. The bliss I feel upon finding god is beyond that of any scholastic or materialistic achievement I obtained in my life. I admit that I had gone completely non-compos mentis and I take full responsibility for the crimes I have committed. I am not proud of them and I wish they never happened, but unfortunately I cannot undo my past. It’s a terrible thing, but I have to try and make it right. Going over cold cases with the FBI really jarred me a couple of times and knocked me back from where I thought I was to where I ought to be. I don’t recall exactly when it happened, but while I was facing the interrogation from the detectives-which was not easy for any given session-I slowly began to understand what I had to do next, how I had to reconstruct my life. I’m in a lot better shape now. I don’t worry about the death penalty. Worrying won’t change things one iota. I’ve come to terms with that threat. I am not afraid to die tomorrow because I know that death is the ultimate liberation for me. I except expiation from god and I pray he will have mercy on my soul.

December 25, 2013

The women in Teds life: Ted Bundys daughter

ted bundy and his daughter cheesy edit

Allegedly, Ted’s “Wife” (I hate her) got herself pregnant while Ted was on death row. It’s been said that sex would have been impossible during these death row visits as families were only permitted contact in a visiting area with guards standing around keeping watch. It’s also been said that the guards were sometimes bribed so that inmates could take their wives into the bathroom for sexual contact. It really doesn’t matter at this point because whatever the case may have been, Ted Bundy believed that this child was his and even if she wasn’t his biologically, he was her father.

She was born in October 1982 and has been referred to in print as “Rosa” and “Tina”. When Ted’s sorry excuse for a wife abandoned him and took his child to relocate, she changed their last name. The only people who know Ted’s daughter and her whereabouts are not talking. I’m as curious as the next guy to know what she looks like. Maybe one day I will hire a private investigator. Until then, here are some composites based on photos available. Obviously I did not allow her mothers appearance to influence my composites. Contrary to what other people see, I only see Ted in that child’s face.

December 24, 2013

Ted Bundy collage, “The beard interview”

ted bundy beard collage

December 21, 2013

Screencaps, the beard interview

December 21, 2013

Ted speaks from beyond the grave..


“I don’t like people walking around and ogling me like I’m some sort of weirdo, because I’m not.”

December 21, 2013

Screencaps, court footage

December 20, 2013

Ted Bundy, myths (Part 2)

ted Bundy carved his name into a courtroom table during the Kimberly Leach trial in Orlando
False. Well, it is most likely false. There is no proof either way. This is an extremely eye opening article which will no doubt debunk the belief that whoever carved Ted’s name into that table was the real Ted Bundy.

ted bundy carved his name

Visitors to the Orange County Regional History Center have no doubt noticed the massive wooden table in the restored courtroom on the third floor. Protected beneath a sheet of plexiglass on one corner is Bundy’s name, supposedly carved by the killer while he was being tried in 1980 for the murder of Lake City middle-schooler Kimberly Leach.

It’s a compelling story—and most likely urban myth.

First, Bundy wasn’t tried in that building—which was the original courthouse, built in 1927—but rather in the adjoining courthouse annex (an ugly turquoise building since razed). But could that table have been in the annex at one time? Not likely, says Tana Porter, the history center’s former research librarian: Photos from newspaper clippings show that the modern style of furniture used in the annex was nothing like the early-20th century heavy wooden table that bears the carving.

ted bundy carved his name 2

Another argument against the theory of Bundy-as-woodcarver comes from one of the men who defended him: then-public defender Lynn Thompson. Now in private practice in Crawfordville, south of Tallahassee, Thompson says he doesn’t recall he or Bundy ever being in the old building, even for an arraignment. And besides, “I sat beside him pretty much the whole time, and I think I would have noticed if he was scratching something on the dadgum desk.’’ Security at the courtroom was tight: Bundy, who was eventually linked to the deaths of at least 30 young women and girls, had escaped from Colorado jails twice before, so he was being searched thoroughly and watched closely.

The carving was noticed only after the history center moved into the old courthouse in 2000. That’s because visitors started defacing it, recalls Mike Perkins, the museum’s curator of exhibits. Not knowing at the time whether the carving was genuine, the museum repaired the damage around the scrawled name, then installed the protective plexiglass “just in case,’’ Perkins says. “Because if it were the case, it’s not something we’d necessarily celebrate, but it would be a piece of history.’’ Today, when visitors ask about the carving, museum workers tell them “it’s very unlikely’’ that the scrawl was that of the infamous killer, Perkins says.

So if Bundy didn’t cut into the table, who did? It’s doubtful that workers who restored the courtroom would have been involved, since their main job was to preserve history. Perhaps a visitor, aware that Bundy was tried in the general vicinity, was trying to be funny. However, because the courtroom was still being used for lesser cases even after most proceedings moved to the annex, Perkins says his “gut guess’’ is that somebody on trial long after Bundy passed through decided to be clever and used something, perhaps a paper clip, to inscribe the name. And thereby carved his or her ignominious place in history.

Which would seem to settle it. Except for this: Shortly before his execution in 1989, Bundy confessed to having killed eight women in Utah, burying at least one of them in Sanpete County. That same year, Sanpete sheriff’s deputies scouring a 60-mile area for remains of possible victims reported finding 10 trees with Ted Bundy’s name carved into them.

“I feel many of them are copycats,’’ an investigator told reporters at the time. “But I think that one or more may have been
done by Bundy.’’

SOURCE: Questioned Mark
SOURCE: Halloween Fest 2001 & Horror Authors Extravaganza
SOURCE: Ted Bundy?

December 19, 2013

Ted Bundy collage, “Faces” 2013

This is what I do on my day off. This is the best one I’ve done so far, I think.

faces december 2013

December 16, 2013

True Crime Blogger Trista Trace, “Letters from Ted Bundy”

Letters from Ted Bundy
Letters from Ted Bundy
Letters from Ted Bundy

I am so sorry that I have been missing for so long. I had been kidnapped and held for ransom….I am very lucky and glad to be back.

I have always enjoyed learning new things about Ted Bundy. Just recently I asked my all time favorite and best true crime writer Ann Rule a question I have wondered about for years …..why hasn’t she ever published all the letters from Ted? She answered me a few hours later stating that she couldn’t because she doesn’t own “the rights” to them. Ann does have the letters and owns them as the paper they are written on but the very content is owned by one of Ted’s last attorneys. How is that for crazy! Seems like those letters may help shed new opinions on Ted Bundy and why he was the way he was and why he did what he did.

December 14, 2013

Ted Bundy poem, “Looking for the soul”

Looking for the soul

Cannibal killer, what are you looking for?
You rend the flesh and snap the bones.
Mutilate and pillage the body.
You turn beauty into horror.
Because you can not see the soul,
you rip open the insides
to see if it is hidden there.
But you find nothing there,
only organs and blood.

Pysical matter matter is perverted by you.
Made into somthing unatural and strange.
In nature, everything eats everything.
If you eat a persons flesh,
do you ingest their soul?
Because you have no soul,
you feed the emptiness with pain.
The surface does not reflect,
so you smash it to peices
and try to fit them together in vein.

The animal is awake in you.
The zombi, the werewolf, and
all the dark creatures of the night.
A banquet is laid out to dine apon.
A feast of flesh and blood
served raw and bloody on
a plate of skin.
Jesus said, eat me, drink me.
The flesh of a sacrificial lamb.
But your victims never asked
to be sacrificed.

You will eat yourself empty,
and never be satisfied.
You will devour yourself,
and drown in a sea of red.
when you return to the earth,
the maggots and worms will
devour what is left of you.
There will be nothing of you.
No transfer of life or spirit.
Only emptieness.

Michelle Hayton

December 12, 2013

Ted Bundy collage, “Mugshots”

1975, 1975, 1977, 1978. 1979, 1980


December 9, 2013

“..he was a human being..”

ted wife beater

Ted had laid his head down on his hands, but his handcuffs cut him and he was unable to concentrate. I cupped his head in my hands. I had never been this way with Ted before, touching him, comforting him. But today was different. Today was very, very different. Today I was a human being and he was a human being and in some way we were the last two people on Earth — on his Earth, at least; in his lifetime, at least.

Finally, Ted spoke..

“I can only say that…as a young adult engaged in this kind of behavior, what I lacked and didn’t understand and express was love.”

Nelson, Polly. Defending the Devil: My Story as Ted Bundy’s Last Lawyer. 1st ed. New York: W. Morrow, 1994. Print.