Ted Bundy myths

1. ted Bundy only killed attractive females with long dark hair parted in the middle.

False. Ted Bundy killed a variety of females. Even he has stated that this theory is ridiculous and that all of his victims were chosen based on circumstance and convenience. Also, it was the seventies. Most young girls wore their hair parted in the middle. It’s called a fad.

brides of bundy ted bundy victim collage

2. ted Bundy was a genius.

False. Ted Bundy had an I.Q. of 124, which is just slightly above average. However, it doesn’t indicate anything other than he possessed the ability to graduate college. *He was an academic failure, most likely due to his mental illness. Had he been medicated and not so preoccupied with killing pretty ladies, he may have gone on to become a lawyer like he originally intended.

3. ted Bundy tortured animals as a child.

Undetermined. I’ve read a lot on Ted Bundy and admittedly not every word of every book I have (I have a really bad attention span and I hate to read), but I have never ever once read from a reliable source that Ted Bundy participated in any sort of animal cruelty. His grandfather was rumored to have been abusive towards animals. There is no evidence to suggest that Ted Bundy was ever abusive towards animals.

There is a book currently being sold to the general public written by a woman who has done everything in her power to discredit Bundy and point the finger of blame on him for the death of Ann Marie Burr. In this piece of biased tabloid trash the author claims a childhood acquaintance of Ted Bundy witnessed him inflicting cruelty on animals. This woman is totally and completely unreliable. Her and her brother were both victims of sexual abuse by their own father and they even suggest that their father also sexually abused Ted. Children who were victims of sexual abuse, especially their own parents, are often liars and manipulators. I refuse to believe anything this woman says about Ted Bundy. Also, she has no evidence to prove it and no one else ever came forward to concur her ridiculous accusation. She is also friends with the author of this book.

4. ted Bundy was mysterious.

False. I’ll never understand this fascination people have with serial killers and mass murderers. They enjoyed killing people the way I enjoy eating Oreo cookies. End of story.

5. ted Bundy was a nice guy.

False. He killed people!

Just kidding. He was a nice guy. That is no myth because anyone Ted ever came into contact with can testify that the Ted Bundy they met and knew was in fact one of the nicest people they had ever met.

*Alright, so he wasn’t a failure. I used that word to demonstrate the extremity of people’s perception of his intellect. He had potential but he was still just a sliver above average, if above average at all. If anything he was just surrounded by stupid people, which made him appear more intelligent.