Ted Bundy poem, “Human Doll”

Human Doll

I want you so much
I am overcome.
The blood in your veins.
The teeth in your flesh.
You taste so good to me.
I must have you right now.
Do not make me wait.
Bend over like the naughty girl
you are and give in to me.
I want you so much
I have to feel the inside of you.
Suck your soul into mine.
Make you my human doll.
Give some colour to your
cold and pallaid cheeks.
Make you and mould you.
I love you more when you are dead.
My corpse.
My fallen angel.
I want you so much
I must kill you
to make you a part of me.
You will become a part of my soul.
I will make you immortal.
Your pain is my pleasure.
Your body is my vessel.
I need you to feel alive.
I need you to be at peace.
In those wooded lots.
The dead ones lie.
Giving their nourishment
to the soil.
No gravestone shall mark your place.
Your body belongs to
the wilderness.
I want you but
I do not love you.
I took you into my unwilling embrace.
I love myself through you.

Michelle Hayton