Ted Bundy poem, “Looking for the soul”

Looking for the soul

Cannibal killer, what are you looking for?
You rend the flesh and snap the bones.
Mutilate and pillage the body.
You turn beauty into horror.
Because you can not see the soul,
you rip open the insides
to see if it is hidden there.
But you find nothing there,
only organs and blood.

Pysical matter matter is perverted by you.
Made into somthing unatural and strange.
In nature, everything eats everything.
If you eat a persons flesh,
do you ingest their soul?
Because you have no soul,
you feed the emptiness with pain.
The surface does not reflect,
so you smash it to peices
and try to fit them together in vein.

The animal is awake in you.
The zombi, the werewolf, and
all the dark creatures of the night.
A banquet is laid out to dine apon.
A feast of flesh and blood
served raw and bloody on
a plate of skin.
Jesus said, eat me, drink me.
The flesh of a sacrificial lamb.
But your victims never asked
to be sacrificed.

You will eat yourself empty,
and never be satisfied.
You will devour yourself,
and drown in a sea of red.
when you return to the earth,
the maggots and worms will
devour what is left of you.
There will be nothing of you.
No transfer of life or spirit.
Only emptieness.

Michelle Hayton