Site name: haunted, ted bundy
Site date: 2005 – present

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This site was originally created in 2005. The focus of the site was always to show the human side of Ted Bundy. The tagline had always been, “Recognizing the man inside the monster”.

Somewhere along the way I realized the majority of people searching Ted Bundy were only interested in his victims and what he did to them. I started adding this information to the site. I did my own research to provide the most up to date and accurate information about the victims, including any and all victims he was and still is suspected of being involved with. It has been fun vindicating Ted of crimes he has been accused of being a part of.

Why Ted Bundy?
Stephen Michaud can answer that better than I can.

“Emotionally, Ted seemed a severe case of arrested development. From all that he said and all that we now knew about his past, he might as well have been a twelve-year-old. His apparent emotional retardation resulted in a diseased pre-adolescent mind directing the actions of an adult male body.”

What’s with the Faith No More lyrics?
I found great correlations between Ted Bundy’s life and the lyrics from Faith No More songs. It was almost as if they had been written about Ted Bundy.

Most everything here is just compiled. Only direct sources will be credited. That means if you wrote it or took the photo, then I credit you. Otherwise, it’s a free for fall.

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