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May 16, 2017

Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile

This project was originally announced in 2014; CANNES: ‘The Attack’ Helmer Ziad Doueiri Set to Direct ‘Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile’ (EXCLUSIVE)

Cannes: Zac Efron to Play Ted Bundy in ‘Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile’

Joe Berlinger will direct the film, which will be told from the perspective of Bundy’s longtime girlfriend, Elizabeth Kloepfer.


Ahead of the release of his latest film Baywatch, Zac Efron has signed on to a new film project, and he’ll be playing one of the world’s most notorious serial killers.

Efron will star as Ted Bundy in Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile, which will be helmed by Oscar-nominated documentary filmmaker Joe Berlinger (Paradise Lost 3: Purgatory).

Michael Werwie wrote the script for the project, which is told through the perspective of Elizabeth Kloepfer, Bundy’s longtime girlfriend, who went years denying the accusations against Bundy but ultimately turned him in to the police. Only nearing his execution, when Bundy began talking about his extensive and heinous murders, did Kloepfer, and the rest of the world, learn the true scope of his numerous and grizzly crimes.

The script earned Werwie the coveted Nicholl Fellowship first prize and landed on the Black List.

Voltage is introducing the hot project — which paints Bundy as a portrait of evil yet simultaneously chillingly normal — to buyers in Cannes.

Nicolas Chartier and Ara Keshishian are producing via Voltage along with Michael Costigan (Ghost in the Shell, Out of the Furnace). Efron’s Ninjas Runnin’ Wild banner will produce alongside Michael Simkin and Jason Barrett.

Principal photography is set to begin Oct. 9. Voltage will fully finance and is handling international sales. CAA and UTA represent domestic rights.

Efron has spent the majority of the last few years starring in comedies; the role in Extremely Wicked will take him into dramatically dark waters.

He next stars opposite Dwayne Johnson in Paramount’s comedy Baywatch [2], and also stars in the upcoming musical The Greatest Showman with Hugh Jackman. Efron is repped by CAA, Alchemy Entertainment and Felker Toczek.

Joe Berlinger co-directed the critically acclaimed Paradise Lost: The Child Murders at Robin Hood Hills, along with the recent doc Tony Robbins: I Am Not Your Guru. He is repped by CAA and Lighthouse Management & Media.

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November 30, 2012

Bundy: A Legacy of Evil (2009)

Oh Corky, Corky, Corky. You and I used to be so tight. You knew your first name, you could never lose. You had it all. When I learned you were playing Ted Bundy, I thought if anyone could pull it off you could.

And then I saw the movie.

Now, it was poorly written. It did leave out a lot of Ted’s story. The women were busted. The quality was cheap. You were the only thing that kept me watching. But something was missing from your performance. There was no magic. Then I found out why.


Q: Ted Bundy, did you research him a lot?
A: I did a bit, I did enough for me, as much research as I felt was necessary for it. Watching him in the video footage that they have of him was the best because I noticed these little moments when he would break character. You would just see something happen in his eyes. It’d be like these tiny moments when he would just go into a thought. Because normally he had this persona that he kept out there for everybody, and I’d see these little tiny moments and I’d pause it right there and it was just, a totally different person, totally different Ted Bundy. I never saw him as being insane at all. I never saw him as being crazy. I always saw him as being very calculating, very sane about what he was doing, and very sadistic. That was what was most disturbing to me..Four or five days into it I was like, ‘I don’t even want to play this guy anymore’. It just gave me the willies, you know. He’s just a disgusting, disgusting man.

This movie is awful. Not even fans of Corky Nemec could possibly get anything out of this trash.

November 3, 2012

The Deliberate Stranger [1986]

Having an extreme fancy for made for television movies I thought maybe I would like this. I should have liked this. It was based the book of the same name. It told the story from four different angles and showed both sides of Ted Bundy. This is what I would call the ‘responsible’ Bundy movie. But I didn’t really like it. I was so bored. Maybe it’s because I have delusions of Ted, but I just found the whole thing boring and uninteresting. It’s a catch 22 for me. I want to see the murders on screen but nobody knows for sure how they were carried out and what was said, if anything. As much as I want to see the murders and the necrophilia in great detail, I also don’t want anyone to speculate or embellish. This is worth a watch once and maybe as background material for the future. But nothing to get excited over. On to the next.

nice hands.

November 3, 2012

Ted Bundy [2002]

its 4am, i got the virus, and finally penned my views on this movie i felt sick enough to watch today……

Freeway is one of my favorite movies. Ted Bundy is one of my favorite people. With these things in mind, I finally broke down and decided to watch this movie with an open mind. I should have known better. I should have known that Matthew Bright would take every opportunity he had to make Ted Bundy look like a subhuman freak with no real personality or character and no regard for human life, including his own. I should have known that the self proclaimed girl lover would exact revenge against Ted on behalf of himself and on behalf of the victims, who were so stupid one has to wonder how they managed to stay alive as long as they did before Ted Bundy ever got to them.

Inaccuracies aside, the fact that Bright did nothing to illustrate Ted’s double life was even more disappointing. There seemed to be absolutely no direction in this movie, no sense of order, no focus. It was as if someone was trying to put a puzzle together and the audience had to make sense of it. It was one big jumbled mess. Bright knew his objective from the beginning. He used the screen as his canvas and painted the worst possible picture of Ted Bundy. It made Bundy look like an uneducated weak minded fool obsessed with masturbating. Bright made no effort at separating the public Bundy from the private Bundy, the man from the little boy, the human from the “monster”. This just reinforces the public opinion on Bundy and leaves Ted with absolutely zero credibility. It’s tabloid garbage.

i mean are you serious…?

The murders left much to be desired. They were quick and most of the time they were absolutely ridiculous. Well, at least Ted was. It’s so embarrassing. I think what bothered me the most about this was that we have no idea as to what Ted said or did when he was alone or alone with his victims. The only victim account we have is that of Carol Daronch, which is the only attack where dialogue should be present. There should be no dramatizing Bundy’s life or career.

Let’s not even mention the atrocious acting. Why does Bundy look exactly the same throughout the entire movie? Michael Reilly Burke looks nothing like Ted. Although this really isn’t even a factor seeing as not one of the actors portraying Ted in any movie looks like him.


It didn’t even feel that I was watching a movie about Ted Bundy, which made the experience worse. I was bored. I was disgusted at Brights portrayal of Bundy, which I felt was very much contrived. I can’t stress that enough. This was awful and I knew there was a reason I was avoiding it for the last ten years. As I watched this movie from beginning to end, it felt like Ted Bundy was the one being victimized, and if I am to be completely honest, I feel that is what Matthew Bright intended. Therefore, he succeeded and by that merit this would be considered a great movie.

July 26, 2012

Ryan Gosling as Ted Bundy

I always said that someone needs to pen an accurate script for a feature film on Ted’s life, up to but not including his execution. There’s no need to show that. And I always said Greg Kinnear would make the perfect Bundy. However, it’s much too late. Kinnear is too old to play a young Bundy now.

Months ago I came to the conclusion that Kinnear was not the only name in Hollywood who had the looks or skill to play Ted Bundy. Ryan Gosling also has the ability to pull it off. I know what you’re thinking. He doesn’t look a thing like Ted. I beg to differ.

Here is a young Bundy looking very much like an old Gosling.

If you stare long enough at Ryan Gosling, which is no chore, you will begin to see the Ted Bundy inside him. He has what it takes, with some weight loss and hair growth, and a few facial prosthetic’s. Believe me, it would be an eerie resemblance.

Women also love Gosling, the way they loved Bundy. He can act all of Ted’s roles. Son, lover, killer. He could play all of Ted, the whole enchilada. Cocky, insecure, defeated, angry, violent, manipulative, desperate, vengeful, immature, determined. He played most of those characteristics in Murder By Numbers. Playing Bundy would come natural to Gosling. And who wouldn’t want to see Ryan Gosling getting romantic with a corpse. If it were my movie, there’d be plenty of corpse fucking going on. I’m getting turned on just thinking about it.

I just feel that Ted deserves a decent biopic. A serious effort. An accurate portrait, of all of him. Something that does him justice.

Here are a few photos of Ryan to study. Trust me, look close enough to see the Bundy inside him.