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February 22, 2017

ted bundy haiku.

*where the sun hits
and the shadow runs free
ill close my eyes forever
and feel you come to me



*i know what real haiku is.

August 28, 2014

Ted Bundy, rare photo


ted bundy beard looking like a 15 year old laughing smiling beautiful and innocent in his life 2

April 12, 2014

Ted Bundy, “Stats”


April 12, 2014

Santa Rosa Hitchhiker Murders

Ted Bundy was one of many suspects in the Santa Rosa Hitchhiker murders. After his capture for similar crimes in Washington, Colorado, Utah and Idaho, Ted Bundy was suspected in the murders. Bundy had spent time in neighboring Marin County, but was ruled out by a Sonoma County detective in the 1970s and again in 1989. Detailed credit card records and known whereabouts of Bundy reveal he was in Washington on the dates of some of the disappearances. – Wikipedia

Ted Bundy did not kill these women. He was cleared.

satan rosa hitchhikers hitch hiker victims girls teenagers dead ted bundy

Maureen Sterling, 12
Yvonne Weber, 12
Kim Wendy Allen, 19
Lori Lee Kursa, 13
Carolyn Davis, 14
Theresa Walsh, 23

Lisa Smith, 17
Jeannette Kamahele, 20
Rosa Vasquez, 20
Yvonne Quilantang, 15
Angela Thomas, 16
Nancy Patricia Gidley, 24
Nancy Feusi, 22
Laura A. O’Dell, 21
Brenda Kaye Merchant, 19
Donna M. Braun, 14

April 11, 2014

Updated victim images

New images have surfaced of some of Ted Bundy’s more attractive victims. High school yearbook photos are always the best:

1978 Margaret Bowman

1974 Brenda Ball

1974 Denise Naslund

1974 Roberta Parks

1974 Donna Manson

March 29, 2014

Ted Bundy, unrelated quote

ted bundy Until we have seen someone's darkness, we don't really know who they are. Until we have forgiven someone's darkness, we don't really know what love is.

March 28, 2014

“..I’m more.”

I'm more

“I’ve got to show them that I can stand up in a court of law and run these people ragged. That I’m not a fiend, necessarily. That’s not all there is to me. I’ve got to show them that I’m more. That’s really important to me, that I’m more.”

February 14, 2014

“..Even Ted Bundy’s life.”


February 2, 2014

“I hope you liked me.”

He asked that I use our interviews to help explain him to others, to explain that he was not a monster. He stared into my eyes and finally asked a question that was obviously very important to him:

“I need to know. Did you and Jim like me?” My heart dropped.
“Of course, Ted, of course.” I tried to push those words into Ted’s heart and allow him to believe it, as he apparently did not. I didn’t care what the truth was.

ted bundy with bill hagmaier before execution white shirt (3)

When I returned to Ted, he held a letter against the glass that he had written to me and Jim, thanking us for our representation. “I hope you liked me,” it said. “I hope this wasn’t just an unpleasant legal chore for you.” His note ended with, “I feel close to you now.”

Nelson, Polly. Defending the Devil: My Story as Ted Bundy’s Last Lawyer. 1st ed. New York: W. Morrow, 1994. Print.

January 4, 2014

“He was a real man..”

ted bundy young dapper handsome in suit

“In my mind the very point of this work was that all human life was sacred, without judgment or distinction, and that it was the truly heinous cases that tested whether we as people and as a society really meant that. Furthermore, Ted Bundy was not a symbol, a metaphor, a cardboard cutout. He was a real man, captive and rendered harmless at present, made of flesh and blood.”

Nelson, Polly. Defending the Devil: My Story as Ted Bundy’s Last Lawyer. 1st ed. New York: W. Morrow, 1994. Print.

January 3, 2014

TIME/LIFE Serial Killers book, rare photos

These were uploaded by request. They were taken from the TIME/LIFE Serial Killers book.

time life serial killers

January 2, 2014

TIME/LIFE Serial Killers book, Ted Bundy and his Grandfather rare photo

ted bundy and his grandfather sam samuel cowell cowel family father

For the life of me I don’t know why this and other rare family photos have not been properly scanned in by someone. I don’t have a scanner anymore or the scans so I had to use a camera. This (and other rare photos) can be seen in the TIME/LIFE Serial Killers book.

time life serial killers