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January 9, 2015

1975 Nancy Baird [suspected victim]

NAME Nancy Perry Baird
AGE 23
DATE BODY WAS FOUND Body has never been recovered
BODY AND DEATH Nancy Baird was working the Fina gas station on the afternoon of July 4, 1975. A patrol officer saw her at 5:15 PM, but when her manager arrived to take over the next shift, she was gone. Her car was undisturbed in the parking lot and her personal belongings were in the gas station where she had left them. The search for Nancy was in vain as no clues to her whereabouts were given. Two months after her disappearance, people claimed to have seen Nancy in a grocery store, but the tip led nowhere. Her body has never been found. When questioned, Ted Bundy denied having any involvement in Nancy’s disappearance.

September 19, 2014

1978 Cheryl Thomas

NAME Cheryl Thomas
AGE 21
DATE OF ATTACK January 15, 1978
LOCATION OF ATTACK Tallahassee, Florida
DATE BODY WAS FOUND January 15, 1978
BODY AND DEATH As Cheryl Thomas slept in her bed, Ted Bundy crawled through her window with a club which he used to bashed her skull and face with. She never woke up during the attack. When she did wake up, it was days later in a hospital bed. In her own words, “I had five skull fractures and multiple contusions in my head, and cuts to the skull fractures. The eighth nerve was damaged and I lost the hearing of my left ear and equilibrium. I had a broken jaw and my left shoulder was pulled out of joint.” It is speculated that Ted was preparing to anally rape Cheryl while simultaneously strangling her with a nylon stocking. However, still partially disrobed, he heard people clamoring about the apartment, so instead of raping and murdering her, he pleasured himself over her battered body, leaving semen stains on her bloody mattress before he fled into the night. Although she survived, she walked away partially deaf and unbalanced which destroyed her dreams of becoming a dancer.

July 7, 2014

the Daffodil Festival princess

It’s Georgann Hawkins. I’m not linking to the source of the photo because then it will end up on other people’s FB pages. Someone was kind enough to send me the link to the source of this incredibly rare and personal photo provided by her mother Edie Hawkins. Thank you, “G”.

Georgann Hawkins  Daffodil Festival princess

April 12, 2014

Santa Rosa Hitchhiker Murders

Ted Bundy was one of many suspects in the Santa Rosa Hitchhiker murders. After his capture for similar crimes in Washington, Colorado, Utah and Idaho, Ted Bundy was suspected in the murders. Bundy had spent time in neighboring Marin County, but was ruled out by a Sonoma County detective in the 1970s and again in 1989. Detailed credit card records and known whereabouts of Bundy reveal he was in Washington on the dates of some of the disappearances. – Wikipedia

Ted Bundy did not kill these women. He was cleared.

satan rosa hitchhikers hitch hiker victims girls teenagers dead ted bundy

Maureen Sterling, 12
Yvonne Weber, 12
Kim Wendy Allen, 19
Lori Lee Kursa, 13
Carolyn Davis, 14
Theresa Walsh, 23

Lisa Smith, 17
Jeannette Kamahele, 20
Rosa Vasquez, 20
Yvonne Quilantang, 15
Angela Thomas, 16
Nancy Patricia Gidley, 24
Nancy Feusi, 22
Laura A. O’Dell, 21
Brenda Kaye Merchant, 19
Donna M. Braun, 14

April 11, 2014

Updated victim images

New images have surfaced of some of Ted Bundy’s more attractive victims. High school yearbook photos are always the best:

1978 Margaret Bowman

1974 Brenda Ball

1974 Denise Naslund

1974 Roberta Parks

1974 Donna Manson

December 5, 2013

1971 Rita Curran [suspected victim]

NAME Rita Curran
AGE 24
BODY AND DEATH Rita was discovered naked, sexually violated, beaten around the face and head, and strangled. Although this was a Ted Bundy style job there is no confession or evidence tying him to the case. He was a suspect due to the nature of the crime. Also, Ted was in the area investigating his heritage around the time Rita was murdered. Hey, you never know.

December 5, 2013

1974 Brenda Joy Baker [suspected victim]

NAME Brenda Joy Baker
AGE 14

Another hitch hiker murder attributed to the late great Ted Bundy. There is no evidence that he killed this girl, no confession, nothing which ties Ted Bundy to Brenda Baker except suspicion.

The Daily Chronicle, 98531, Thursday, June 20,1974
Victim identified as missing girl
Chronicle Staff Writer OLYMPIA –

Identification of : clothing articles, jewelry and dental work late Wednesday afternoon led to the positive identity of the female body discovered in the wooded Millersylvania State Park. The victim was a 14-year-old Maple Valley girl, Brenda Joy Baker, who was reported missing from her home since Saturday, May 25. According to a report from the T h u r s t o n C o u n t y S h e r i f f ‘ s Department, Miss Baker was last seen about four blocks from her residence, presumably hitchhiking a ride south out of Maple Valley on the freeway. However, the department did not wish to comment whether the girl’s death was attributed to hitchhiking.

Identification of the victim was primarily due to a missing person’s report which had been filed with King County authorities following the teen-ager’s disappearance. When found by a property owner adjacent to the state park Monday afternoon, the victim was partially attired in a tan corduroy jacket, red bell-bottom pants, white socks and brown leather shoes. Investigators also took two bracelets, a set of earrings and a ring into custody as evidence and for identification purposes. Final verification of the items was made by the girl’s father, Benjamin Baker, Maple Valley, friends and the family dentist.’ Thurston County sheriff’s investigators encountered increased identification problems earlier Wednesday after they were con- f r o n t e d w i t h m a j o r a g e discrepancies by medical experts.

Following a preliminary autopsy Monday a f t e r n o o n , Tacoma pathologist Dr. Charles P. Larson and his assistants, Drs. Harvey Snyder and J-ack B o h a n a n , determined the victim’s age ranged between 28 and 34 years. However, the opinion that the body-was that of a young woman 14 to 19 years old was later given by Dr. William Veach, an Olympia radiologist, who arrived at his conclusion through extensive examinations, especially with the use of X-rays. Although Undersheriff Jack Crawford pointed out that age was not the most important identification factor, the age conflict did create a wider field. The undersheriff explained that it is not abnormal to have extensive differences in age estimates, and said the department would investigate all logical reports of missing persons, including those any where from ages 12 to 50.

In a joint announcement late Wednesday by Hollis Fultz, county coroner, and the sheriff’s department, they said there was no doubt in the girl’s identification. Efforts to identify the decomposed body began Monday after the victim was discovered in an inaccessible area of the park by Tom Ismay, Olympia, and’two female companions. The body was taken to a Lacey funeral home and will be transferred on approval of the county coroner.

A spokesman for the department said there is no evidence there is any connection in the Baker case and that of Miss Kathy Devine, 15, Seattle, who was found murdered in McKenney State Park six months ago. Miss Devine had also hitchhiked out of the Seattle area.

As of Thursday morning, there were no positive reports of how Miss Baker’s death occurred. The autopsy report is not expected for several days, the department announced. Although all leads are being pursued, a sheriff’s spokesman did not comment whether there are any suspects, although the girl may have been accompanied by two young men.

In addition to Miss Devine’s m u r d e r , T h u r s t o n C o u n t y authorities are still investigating the disappearance of Donna G. Manson, 19, who has been missing from the Evergreen State College, Olympia, since March 12. Other missing college girls are Linda Healy, 21, Seattle, who disappeared Jan. 3; Susan Ran- cort, 18, missing from Central Washington State College since April 17, and an Oregon State University coed, Roberta Parks, 19, missing since May 6. All the young women were reported to have disappeared suddenly under suspicious circumstances. No major leads have developed in any of the cases.

November 30, 2013

1974 Karen Sparks [Suspected Victim]

NAME Karen Sparks, Mary Adams, Joni Lenz, Terri Caldwell
AGE 18
DATE BODY WAS FOUND January 4, 1974
BODY AND DEATH While she slept, an intruder bludgeoned Karen’s face and skull with a metal post taken from her own bed. He then rammed a speculum inside of her vagina. She was unconscious for ten days. She survived with brain damage.

There are no photographs of this anonymous alleged victim of Ted Bundy. So I made one.

1974 Karen Sparks

November 29, 2013

1974 Carol Valenzuela [suspected victim]

NAME Carol Valenzuela
AGE Listed as 18, 19, and 20 according to different sources
DATE BODY WAS FOUND October 12, 1974
BODY AND DEATH There is very little information about this woman. The circumstances of her disappearance are unclear as different accounts are given by different sources. Her age isn’t even clear as it too seems to change based on different sources.

Ted Bundy denied involvement with this woman’s disappearance and death. There is no evidence connecting him to the case.

There are no photographs of this alleged victim of Ted Bundy. So I made one.

1974 carol valenzuela composite
Ellensburg Daily Record - Oct 25, 1974 Carol Valenzuela

November 2, 2013

1978 Lisa Levy

NAME Lisa Levy
AGE 20
DATE OF ATTACK January 15, 1978
LOCATION OF ATTACK Tallahassee, Florida
DATE BODY WAS FOUND January 15, 1978
BODY AND DEATH As Lisa slept, Ted Bundy climbed on top of her and bashed her skull in with what pathologists believed to be a log. He furiously bit her ass and chewed off one of her nipples. This must have gotten him incredibly hard because then he proceeded to have forced sexual intercourse with her as he strangled her into absolute death. He ended the encounter by shoving a bottle of Aqua Net up her vagina.

November 2, 2013

1978 Margaret Bowman

NAME Margaret Bowman
AGE 21
DATE OF ATTACK January 15, 1978
LOCATION OF ATTACK Tallahassee, Florida
DATE BODY WAS FOUND January 15, 1978
BODY AND DEATH On January 15, 1978 Ted Bundy crept into the bedroom of sorority sister Margaret Bowman and bludgeoned her head as she slept. He also wrapped a nylon stocking around her neck and strangled her. Her legs were spread so it is likely that she suffered (or enjoyed) a sexual attack.

Margaret Bowman, 1957-1978,
college student
© St. Petersburg Times, published November 28, 1999


Nearly 22 years ago, Margaret Elizabeth Bowman was murdered in her sleep. During the early hours of Jan. 15, 1978, a man slipped into Margaret’s room in the Chi Omega sorority house at Florida State University and beat her to death. Before he left, the man killed another sorority sister, Lisa Levy, and seriously wounded two more.

Margaret did not know the person who killed her. He meant nothing to her, and he had nothing to do with any moment of her 21-year-old life except its last few seconds. He was, in fact, nothing. A hole in the air. A walking negation of all that matters.

Yet because he killed many women before he was caught and convicted and executed, he went on to become famous. Books have been written about him. Movies have been made about him or based on him. TV shows documenting evil still trumpet his name.

He is not the one whose name should be remembered. Remember, instead, the names he tried to erase.

Remember Margaret.

She was never called Peggy or Maggie. From first grade on, she insisted on going by Margaret. She was slender and tall. She had her father’s light brown eyes and her mother’s delicate nose. As a little girl, she would sit in her father’s lap and listen to him read Peter Rabbit, and if he stopped in midsentence, she would recite the rest from memory. Reading was always a part of her. At age 10, when her grandparents gave her a copy of The Secret Garden, she disappeared inside it, wandering its pages over and over.

Her family moved around when she was young, but she lived in St. Petersburg from the time she was a teenager until she left for college. She used to play chess with her younger brother, Jackson. At St. Petersburg High, she was in the French club and on the tennis team. At FSU, she joined the Chi Omega sorority because her grandmother, also named Margaret, had pledged there. She studied art history and classical civilizations. That January of 1978, she was learning to sew. At the time of her death, she was working on a green velveteen dress.

If she were alive today, Margaret would be almost 43. Her parents, Jack and Runelle Bowman, think she would be working in a museum, doing something involving art or archaeology. She would probably be married and have children of her own.

Twelve years ago, the Bowmans donated a cross in Margaret’s name to St. Thomas’ Episcopal Church in St. Petersburg, where their daughter once prayed. Hanging behind the altar, the cross shows Jesus rising from the dead, his hands no longer nailed and bleeding, but free and outstretched as he ascends toward heaven.

Runelle says God has blessed her with “a non-feeling” about the man who took Margaret. She does not hate him. She does not think about him at all. Instead she goes to church every Sunday and looks at the cross and remembers her daughter.

Go to St. Thomas’ yourself. Kneel in the pews, and sing the hymns, and gaze up at the altar, and think about Margaret. Think about her eyes, the girl who curled into her father’s lap, the green dress she never finished. When the service ends, walk back into the world and into the rest of your life. Do another load of laundry, make some lunch, read a book to your children. Keep Margaret safe inside you.

March 18, 2013

1961 Ann Marie Burr

On August 31, 1961 Ann Marie Burr’s mother woke up to find the front door open from the inside and little 8 year old Ann Marie Burr missing from the home. The living room window which had been open a crack the night before was open even wider the next morning. A garden bench had been removed from the back yard and placed in front of the living room window. The only evidence of an intruder was a piece of red thread stuck in the window jam and a footprint in the mud outside the window which had been distorted from the previous night’s rain. Supposedly it was a shoe size 6 or 7.

There were no witnesses except the family dog who was heard barking during the night. Nobody bothered to check, they figured the dog was barking at the thunderstorm. There was no evidence of a struggle. In fact, it appeared that little Ann Marie Burr went willingly with whoever took her.

Neighbors claim that days prior to her disappearance they saw a figure peeping through the windows of the Burr residence. However, no detailed description of this individual could be given.

Suspects were a plenty. There was the neighborhood nudist. Here was a man who was friendly with the youngest of children, letting them pick the plums from his tree, kissed their hands, “patted their buttocks”, and gave them candy. He also had a fetish for pregnant women. There was Robert Bruzas, a 15 year old friend of Ann Marie, who preferred the company of younger children to those his own age, had a “flirtatious” relationship with Ann, and failed the first polygraph test. Although he passed a second polygraph test, he was never ruled out as a suspect. Ralph Everett Larkee had kidnapped a 10 year old girl and took her on a joyride full of treats and suspected sexual relations. When the FBI showed up at his door to question him about Ann Marie he committed suicide.

More suspects surfaced over time but not one person could be tied to the case which soon became cold. That is, until someone decided to point the finger at Ted Bundy.

Rumors and tall tales of prowling midgets outside of windows, young boys standing over muddy ditches and construction sites, and unsubstantiated confessions allegedly by Ted himself to other children he wasn’t even friends with..Ted Bundy and Ann Marie Burr have more or less become an urban legend thanks to Ann Rule who planted a seed which has never stopped growing.

Ted Bundy was 14 years old at the time of Ann Marie’s disappearance and lived 3 miles away from the Burr residence. It is rumored that they were “acquaintances” because Ted’s uncle lived nearby where Ann Marie took piano lessons. The only thing that ties Ted Bundy directly to Ann Marie Burr is that he was her family’s paperboy.

I can see why everyone thinks Ted did it.

There has been a book written about the alleged connection between Ted Bundy and Ann Marie Burr which I feel is tabloid trash. The author does everything in her power to discredit Bundy and make him look bad. The author is also very much on the side of the Burr family and knows them personally.

Ted Bundy vehemently denied being involved with the disappearance of Ann Marie and I am inclined to believe him.

Ted Bundy had been wrongfully accused of killing on more than one occasion. When he denied being responsible for certain crimes nobody believed him. Years after his death other men had been charged and convicted of the crimes everyone wanted to blame Ted for. Ted Bundy did know how to tell the truth.

“I do not know what happened to your daughter, Ann Marie. I had nothing to do with her disappearance. You said she disappeared August 31, 1961. At the time I was a normal fourteen-year-old boy. I did not wander the streets late at night. I did not steal cars. I had absolutely no desire to harm anyone. I was an average kid. For your sake, you really must understand this.”

This is good enough for me. It should be good enough for you. The best way to honor Ted is to believe him.

DNA Evidence Fails To Link Ted Bundy To Ann Marie Burr
Was 8-year-old Ann Marie Burr the first victim of infamous serial killer Ted Bundy?
The Huffington Post October 5, 2011

Hopes for closure for the relatives of missing Ann Marie Burr were dashed Tuesday, when authorities said there was not enough amplifiable DNA to link her disappearance over 50 years ago to Ted Bundy.

The young Washington State girl, long considered a possible victim of the notorious serial killer, has been missing since she was 8 years old.

Weeks ago, there was a glimmer of hope that this 50-year-old mystery would be solved when police sent the Washington State Patrol Crime Laboratory several key pieces of evidence from the case.

Authorities were hoping to develop a DNA profile of the suspect that they could compare to a profile that was recently obtained from a vial of Bundy’s blood. It took several weeks for the tests to be conducted. Police are now saying the evidence did not contain enough measurable DNA to yield a complete profile, the Bellingham Herald reported.

“This avenue hit a dead end, but the investigation itself is not over,” Tacoma Police Department spokesman Mark Fulghum told the Herald.

Ann Marie was taken from her family’s Tacoma home on Aug. 31, 1961. Police believe her abductor entered through an unlocked window, grabbed the young girl and left through the front door, which was left ajar. Investigators discovered a faint footprint outside the window, which they believe was from a size 6 or 7 sneaker.

“I was awakened early in the morning with men shining flashlights in my face. They were the police,” Ann Marie’s sister, Julie Burr, told KOMO 4 News. “Seeing my parents running through the kitchen opening drawers and looking under beds looking for my sister — I remember that like it happened yesterday.”

Burr added, “I think we spent most of our weekends [after that] going out looking for her.”

Authorities interviewed several persons of interest, but were unable to determine what happened to Ann Marie.

Bundy lived only a few blocks from Ann Marie’s home. He had a paper route in the area and would often visit a neighboring uncle. Bundy was only 14 years old at the time of Ann Marie’s abduction and was not considered a potential suspect.

It was not until years later, when Bundy was arrested for multiple homicides, that authorities began to take a close look at him.

Bundy is believed to have murdered dozens of women in Utah, Idaho, Washington and Colorado throughout the 1970s. He was captured in Florida in 1978 following the murders of two college students and a 12-year-old girl. Bundy received the death penalty for the Florida crimes.

Before his execution, Bundy confessed to killing more than 50 women. Some suspect Ann Marie was his first victim. During Bundy’s confessions, former King County detective Bob Keppel unsuccessfully tried to get the serial killer to talk about his first kill.

“We’ll have to bring that up, do that some other time. If there is another time,” Bundy replied, according to recorded confessions obtained by KIRO-TV.

There was no other time. Bundy was executed on Jan. 24, 1989.

Ann Marie’s father died in 2003 and her mother in 2008. Both the young girls’ parents went to their graves without knowing what happened to their daughter.