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April 11, 2014

Updated victim images

New images have surfaced of some of Ted Bundy’s more attractive victims. High school yearbook photos are always the best:

1978 Margaret Bowman

1974 Brenda Ball

1974 Denise Naslund

1974 Roberta Parks

1974 Donna Manson

November 9, 2012

1974 Brenda Ball

NAME Brenda Ball
AGE 22
LOCATION OF DISAPPEARANCE Flame Tavern, Burien Washington
DATE BODY WAS FOUND 1975; Skull recovered at Taylor Mountain dump site
BODY AND DEATH In the wee hours of the morning, Brenda fell prey to Ted Bundy, who lured her into his death trap with one of his bullshit stories. A witness says he saw her in the tavern’s car park speaking to a man who had his arm in a sling. One can only speculate that he bashed her skull in with his crowbar at some point during their conversation, then proceeded to take her someplace private where he violated her still warm body. Who knows, maybe he sweet talked his way into her pants prior to knocking her out. After all, Ted did like to taste the best of both worlds.