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July 7, 2014

the Daffodil Festival princess

It’s Georgann Hawkins. I’m not linking to the source of the photo because then it will end up on other people’s FB pages. Someone was kind enough to send me the link to the source of this incredibly rare and personal photo provided by her mother Edie Hawkins. Thank you, “G”.

Georgann Hawkins  Daffodil Festival princess

November 30, 2012

1974 Georgann Hawkins

NAME Georgann Hawkins
AGE 18
LOCATION OF DISAPPEARANCE Seattle, Washington – University of Washington
DATE BODY WAS FOUND Body never recovered
BODY AND DEATH The eighteen year old cheerleader was knocked unconscious with a crowbar and thrown into the car. She regained consciousness some time later and had to be knocked unconscious with the crowbar a second time. Ted strangled her wiry little neck until she stopped breathing and removed her delicate head from her nubile teenage body with a hacksaw. He dumped her headless corpse at the Issaquah grave site but her body has never been recovered. Bundy claims a bone was discovered with other remains on September 6 1974. Like his other victims, Ted visited the pretty rotting headless corpse of Georgeann Hawkins and had sexual relations with it until it was so used and deteriorated it became useless. On to the next.