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November 11, 2013

1974 police sketch of “Ted”

This is the man who abducted and killed both Janice Ott and Denise Naslund. Yea, it looks like Ted Bundy to me o_O

1974 police sketch of ted

November 14, 2012

1974 Janice Ott

NAME Janice Ott
AGE 23
LOCATION OF DISAPPEARANCE Lake Sammamish State Park, King County, Washington
DATE BODY WAS FOUND Skeletal remains found September 6, 1974 at the Issaquah dump site
BODY AND DEATH Although many foolish females were approached by Ted that day in the park, only two were stupid enough to fall for his bullshit. And in doing so, they lost their lives to the charming and charismatic Ted Bundy. It is speculated that they were abducted together and one watched the other die, but only Ted knows for sure and that has never been confirmed one way or another.

Janice Ott looked younger than she was which probably turned Ted on to new extremes. She willingly left the park with him no doubt attracted to him and turned on that he was even remotely interested in her. She had to have known what he was really after. Either that or she was a total and complete dumb ass. He most likely proceeded to bash her brains in with his tool of choice and take her someplace where he could have his way with her.