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November 30, 2012

Long hair, parted in the middle?

In every documentary or written work on Ted Bundy people compare Bundy victims, remarking on how they all had “long” hair that was “parted in the middle” just like ‘Stephanie Brooks’. Not true. Even so, it was the seventies. The style preferred among young white females was long hair, parted in the center.

Here’s a yearbook page featuring Bundy victim Georgeann Hawkins and her fellow cheerleaders, most of which have long hair that is parted in the center.

georgann hawkins 3

Even Bundy himself scoffed at the idea that all his victims looked alike and were chosen based on that ridiculous assumption. More often than not, he claimed, victims were chosen out of convenience. That is something I do believe because not all of his victims were attractive. At least, not by his standards.