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November 3, 2012

Ted Bundy [2002]

its 4am, i got the virus, and finally penned my views on this movie i felt sick enough to watch today……

Freeway is one of my favorite movies. Ted Bundy is one of my favorite people. With these things in mind, I finally broke down and decided to watch this movie with an open mind. I should have known better. I should have known that Matthew Bright would take every opportunity he had to make Ted Bundy look like a subhuman freak with no real personality or character and no regard for human life, including his own. I should have known that the self proclaimed girl lover would exact revenge against Ted on behalf of himself and on behalf of the victims, who were so stupid one has to wonder how they managed to stay alive as long as they did before Ted Bundy ever got to them.

Inaccuracies aside, the fact that Bright did nothing to illustrate Ted’s double life was even more disappointing. There seemed to be absolutely no direction in this movie, no sense of order, no focus. It was as if someone was trying to put a puzzle together and the audience had to make sense of it. It was one big jumbled mess. Bright knew his objective from the beginning. He used the screen as his canvas and painted the worst possible picture of Ted Bundy. It made Bundy look like an uneducated weak minded fool obsessed with masturbating. Bright made no effort at separating the public Bundy from the private Bundy, the man from the little boy, the human from the “monster”. This just reinforces the public opinion on Bundy and leaves Ted with absolutely zero credibility. It’s tabloid garbage.

i mean are you serious…?

The murders left much to be desired. They were quick and most of the time they were absolutely ridiculous. Well, at least Ted was. It’s so embarrassing. I think what bothered me the most about this was that we have no idea as to what Ted said or did when he was alone or alone with his victims. The only victim account we have is that of Carol Daronch, which is the only attack where dialogue should be present. There should be no dramatizing Bundy’s life or career.

Let’s not even mention the atrocious acting. Why does Bundy look exactly the same throughout the entire movie? Michael Reilly Burke looks nothing like Ted. Although this really isn’t even a factor seeing as not one of the actors portraying Ted in any movie looks like him.


It didn’t even feel that I was watching a movie about Ted Bundy, which made the experience worse. I was bored. I was disgusted at Brights portrayal of Bundy, which I felt was very much contrived. I can’t stress that enough. This was awful and I knew there was a reason I was avoiding it for the last ten years. As I watched this movie from beginning to end, it felt like Ted Bundy was the one being victimized, and if I am to be completely honest, I feel that is what Matthew Bright intended. Therefore, he succeeded and by that merit this would be considered a great movie.