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April 11, 2014

Updated victim images

New images have surfaced of some of Ted Bundy’s more attractive victims. High school yearbook photos are always the best:

1978 Margaret Bowman

1974 Brenda Ball

1974 Denise Naslund

1974 Roberta Parks

1974 Donna Manson

December 14, 2012

1974 Roberta Kathleen Parks

NAME Roberta Kathleen Parks
AGE 22
LOCATION OF DISAPPEARANCE Oregon State University in Corvallis, Oregon
DATE BODY WAS FOUND March 3, 1975; Skull discovered at Taylor Mountain dump site
BODY AND DEATH Although the circumstances are unknown, given his M.O. and basic routine, we can only conclude that he somehow Lured Roberta to his car, bashed her skull in, took her to a private place where he could fuck her all night, saw her head off to take home with him, and keep her body in his love nest for future romantic encounters. Eventually the head lost whatever use it gave him and ended up on the mountain with three other victims. Oh yea, and at some point, amidst all the wild sex, he found time to kill her. But according to what I’ve read, he did her a favor.