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December 25, 2013

The women in Teds life: Ted Bundys daughter

ted bundy and his daughter cheesy edit

Allegedly, Ted’s “Wife” (I hate her) got herself pregnant while Ted was on death row. It’s been said that sex would have been impossible during these death row visits as families were only permitted contact in a visiting area with guards standing around keeping watch. It’s also been said that the guards were sometimes bribed so that inmates could take their wives into the bathroom for sexual contact. It really doesn’t matter at this point because whatever the case may have been, Ted Bundy believed that this child was his and even if she wasn’t his biologically, he was her father.

She was born in October 1982 and has been referred to in print as “Rosa” and “Tina”. When Ted’s sorry excuse for a wife abandoned him and took his child to relocate, she changed their last name. The only people who know Ted’s daughter and her whereabouts are not talking. I’m as curious as the next guy to know what she looks like. Maybe one day I will hire a private investigator. Until then, here are some composites based on photos available. Obviously I did not allow her mothers appearance to influence my composites. Contrary to what other people see, I only see Ted in that child’s face.

December 5, 2013

Photo, Ted Bundy and daughter

I almost drew a big black X over Carol’s face because she’s so hideous and is a distraction from the beauty that is Ted Bundy. I’ve kept silent for far too long..If that child is his, I think it’s disgusting that his precious seed grew inside of that crab apple’s sack and came out of her putrid vagina. Ted, how could you stick yourself inside of that. You should be ashamed of that more than anything else. God, I hate that woman. She completely betrayed Ted after claiming to love him.

ted bundy with daughter and ugly disgusting woman who bore her the cunt who abandoned him at his time of need i hope she contracted an std and led a mierable life after ted died